Facilities / Maintenance Manager - Candidate SO061217

Facilities maintenance manager


  • BS, Major in Mechanical Engineering
  • 20+ years of industrial maintenance/engineering experience
  • 20+ years of supervisory experience
  • Expert in managing and negotiating contracts with clients and service providers
  • Expert in optimizing systems and equipment for reliability and 100% business continuity
  • Excellent communications in English. He sounds reserved and knowledgeable of the industry
  • Open to relocation, has relatives in Florida 


  • Create plans to improve policies, procedures and strengthen compliance.
  • Foster cultural change from a reactive to preventive and predictive focus.
  • Develop talent to acquire new skills and assume new responsibilities.
  • Manage capital projects from viability analysis to closing and certification.




Self- employed - Maintenance and Construction

Project oriented earnings, earning about $48K per year

Provide professional services as a project management and sub-contractor for civil, mechanical and electrical projects for residential, educational, commercial, industrial area, and others.

  • Estimated time, materials, and labor cost for each project.
  • Prepared proposals, terms, and project schedule.
  • Managed and performed the job according the specifications and costumer needs until it’s done, and turn over to the client.
  • Maintained compliance with OSHA, EPA, and Safety regulations.
  • Projects: - Substation work, - Civil work, - Electrical work for Air conditioner units.



Earning $65K plus $10K in bonuses. Position eliminated, he was one 3 who were downsized.

Hired to optimize facilities management and maintenance programs for two deteriorated buildings and lead project to relocate to one single facility with $1M in total costs. Managed an eight-truck fleet and supervised 11 employees and subcontractors.

  • Established procedures, programs and good practices resulting in cost savings and improvement in equipment/systems reliability and functionality for a 50,000 sq. ft. building with 15 walking coolers, two manufacturing plants, related refrigeration units, one 1250 KW emergency generator, electrical substation, and one office building of 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Led several projects including substation improvements, refrigeration units and equipment areas, generator replacement and implemented a fire detection systems inspection program.
  • Participated in a $3.5M project to rehabilitate building; procurement, field work supervision and inspections. Evaluated several services for outsourcing in conjunction with the Finance Department resulting in 20% savings.
  • Developed a preventive maintenance plan for 150+ equipment; created an Excel spreadsheet to monitor expenditures to build the department budget.
  • Identified area for in-house pest control with an eight-month payback and significant savings in transportation and external facility leasing.
  • Implemented cross-training to develop a varied-skilled team for new functions during high volume workloads.
  • Maintained 100% functionality in systems and equipment including parameters in refrigeration units for perishable items.
  • Spearheaded changes in trash compactors reducing transportation frequency by 75%.
  • Coordinated and supervised shut down activities, major repairs, PM activities, and renovation projects; prepared auditable documentation and protocols for internal/external audits (cleaning procedures and forms, etc.).
  • Participated in the management decision process for plant improvement projects. Provided training to department personnel on safety and fire prevention topics.
  • Assured compliance with the PR Department of Labor for the annual certification of pressure vessel and the Fire Department with the fire extinguisher and fire hoses monthly inspections and annual certification.



Earning $65K.

Led the daily operation of a 250-bed hospital facility and utilities maintenance: supervised internal employees and sub-contractors.

  • Developed inspection documentation for the fire detection system across different physical plant areas in readiness for audits.
  • Performed risk analysis, improved reporting and business continuity plan.
  • Coordinated drills and established contingency plan protocols.
  • Maintained compliance with OSHA, EPA, and Safety regulations. Supervised five associates and coordinated shutdowns and major repairs.
  • Conducted assessment of the recycling and trash program with $30K in savings projections.



Managed capital projects valued up to $3M and oversaw daily operation of facilities and utilities maintenance (180,000 sq. ft.) medical device manufacturing operation. Supervised five plant technicians and 25 subcontracted employees.

  • Handled and managed capital projects and prepared department budget. Created and updated maintenance procedures according to GMP’s.
  • Provided training to facilities technicians. Developed action plans to comply with FM inspections, recommendations and reliability procedures.
  • Coordinated shut down activities and major repairs. Managed the operation of the entire plant (utilities and facilities): clean room and general building office areas, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handler units, emergency generators (two 900 KW and one 1500 KW Caterpillar).
  • Provided technical/engineering support to manufacturing regarding layout activities and renovation projects. Identified areas of opportunity in clean room roof panels, strengthening environmental compliance.
  • Illumination revamping system with high efficiency lamps resulting in 25% reduction in energy costs: $300K savings in one year.
  • Improvements to the primary mechanical room: chillers and efficient systems. ($1.5M)
  • Automation of two emergency generators and installation for capacity increases minimizing impact in production areas. ($3M)
  • Re-layout of manufacturing areas during shutdowns; installed handling units; reworked cleaning rooms; remodeled cafeteria, improved façade and reception areas. ($1M)
  • Implemented the Building Management System.

Left for better opportunity.



Directed the Engineering Department and managed the total renovation project; Project Manager during guest room construction and remodeling, new swimming pool, elevator reconditioning, gardening improvements, art and decorations to enhance corporate image.

  • Planned the field work schedule: tracking and supervision of general contractor and subcontractors, construction of new building area, HVAC, emergency generator, water supply system, electric sub-station, elevators work, fire control system, energy system control, ground site renovation, electrical systems, reconstruction of guest rooms and internal facilities, among others.
  • Managed daily hotel operation and utilities maintenance for 225 guest rooms. Supervised one supervisor and six maintenance employees.
  • Managed all mechanical, electrical, public and recreational areas, building systems, and maintenance service contracts. Scheduled and developed safety training.



Oversaw daily operations and utilities maintenance of common areas, equipment and systems for a 402-room hotel. Developed and managed the department budget and oversaw the energy conservation program for guest rooms and public areas.

  • Managed service agreements for all major equipment such as chiller units, emergency generator, boilers/water heaters, laundry equipment, and elevators. Planned shut-down and major repair projects. Collaborated in building renovation projects, and coordinated equipment delivery, logistics and inspection.
  • Assigned to substitute the Hotel Manager on several occasions leading daily operations to address and solve employee and guest issues. Prepared the Hurricane Contingency Plan.



  • Managed building automation systems projects: evaluated and assessed work areas, proposals, contracting, supervision and certification. Led the AT&T Main Office Building project, Guaynabo, PR, US Filter Plant, Caguas PR and, Caribbean Refrescos Plant in Cidra PR.


  • Provided managerial support to the manager in a unionized environment for a 910-room hotel and casino. Supervised three supervisors, 20 union employees and three sub-contractors. Led in-house renovation and shutdown projects.



Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

BS, Major in Mechanical Engineering


Professional Development

Food Safety Modernization Act (2016)

Project Management (2009)

Ultrasound lubrication (2009)

Time Management (2007)

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Workshop (2007)

Effective Communication (2006) 

Energy Conservation (2006)

Environmental Management Systems (2000)



  • Equipment & Systems: HVAC, refrigeration, coolers, boilers, steam, compressed air, waste water, chilled water, and emergency generators.
  • Experience with Regulations: NEC, EPA, FDA, OSHA, and cGMP guidelines.
  • Technology: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project, AutoCAD, and PRIMO Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Communications: Fully Bilingual (English and Spanish)


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