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Plant Manager


  • B.S, Business Management & A.S, Industrial Electronics Technology
  • 25+ years working in a manager capacity in beverage manufacturing
  • Managed 230 hourly employees, and 23 salaried people reporting to him. Had 15 direct reports
  • Worked for metal company
  • Wrestled with Temp vs Salaried employees issues. Released all temps.
  • Deep experience in filling equipment and processes
  • Promoted 2 times in one corporation
  • Over the phone he comes across as knowledgeable of the industry, reserved and a straight shooter



Knowledgeable and experienced manufacturing leader recognized for transparency, honesty and open communication. Sets clear expectations and facilitates the team approach to problem solving. Consistently exceeds safety, quality, production and cost management goals. Committed, positive and action oriented.



Respected leader Open minded Emotionally intelligent
Extensive industry knowledge Production planning Staff development
Proactive, continuous learner Quality assurance Manufacturing
Plant safety Union and non-union experience Cost management




Earning $144K, plus $35K in bonus. Plant closed - relocated. Received severance, left on good terms.
Managed 230 hourly employees, and 23 salaried people reporting to him. Had 15 direct reports


PLANT MANAGER 03/2015 – 04/30/2016

High speed, automated manufacturing facility producing over 600 SKUs and 16 – 19 MM specialty aluminum beverage (beer, soft drink, & energy drink) container ends daily. Facility employed 230 hourly employees and 23 salaried employees. Union plant operated 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Plant closed on April 30, 2016 – production was moved.

Responsible for daily operations including: safety, environmental, quality, production, labor, maintenance, finance & accounting and human resources. Ensured corporate initiatives and goals are communicated and related activities are implemented. Interface regularly with corporate production control and internal and external customers. Manager of 8 direct reports including: quality manager, engineering manager, administrative manager, production manager, maintenance manager, operating systems manager, HR manager, and EHS manager.

  • Negotiated union contract and plant closing agreement (effects bargaining).
  • Reported plant results to the VP of Manufacturing at Corporate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Oversaw plant closing including: managing production and inventory, issuing WARN notices, and developing a pre-shutdown and post-shutdown plan for de-commissioning the plant.


PRODUCTION MANAGER 11/2012 – 03/2015

High speed, automated manufacturing facility producing over 600 SKUs and 16 – 19 MM specialty aluminum beverage(beer, soft drink, & energy drink) container ends daily.

Responsible for plant safety, quality, production, labor costs, preventative/corrective maintenance, maintenance costs and spoilage. Insured timely communications between shifts and crew operations in all plant areas. Managed 9 direct reports including 8 supervisors, and a maintenance manager.

Evaluated products and machinery to ensure compliance with established quality and maintenance standards. Developed, revised and oversaw the implementation of all standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Developed an on the job (OJT) training program to enable hourly employees to be more proficient in their jobs which increased daily production.
  • Leader of process improvement teams to reduce spoilage, reduce cost and increase production.
  • Leader of the plant safety team to insure all safety issues were addressed.
  • Assessed success rate of new hires, implemented immediate changes to for key manufacturing positions to improve quality of applicant pool. New hires were able to achieve maximum productivity quickly and were provided opportunities for advancement and pay increases sooner.
  • Developed excellent working relationships employees plant-wide (union and non-union), facilitating a productive, positive work environment and a proactive approach to problem solving.


PRODUCTION MANAGER 10/2010 – 11/2012
  • Managed team of 8 supervisors with indirect responsibility of approximately 116 hourly employees producing 28mm aluminum beverage (beer & soft drink) container ends per day. Pro-employee plant operated 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • Responsible for plant safety, quality, production, budgets, plant labor, maintenance and costs.
  • Designed and implemented a maintenance program which included all preventive maintenance and equipment overhaul maintenance. Program resulted in 98% production efficiency.
  • Developed and managed an on the job training (OJT) program for all plant hourly workers. Trained each employee on two different areas of plant production. Program built skills and expertise for employees and increased pool of cross trained personnel.



Managed 2 assistant quality managers and a quality coordinator with indirect responsibility of approximately 116 hourly employees producing 28mm aluminum beverage (beer & soft drink) ends per day. A high speed, automated, manufacturing facility.

Ensured quality systems were in place, maintained and continuously upgraded the manufacturing process. Processes included: defective product holds, rework of defective product, quality gauging, specifications/tolerances and implementing and verification of compliance to quality policies and procedures.

  • Highly trained and actively involved with design of experiments, continuous process improvement teams (defect reduction), process control teams (statistical process control), and total productive manufacturing teams (cost, efficiency, production, labor, and spoilage) teams.
  • Responsible for customer service throughout eastern United States.
  • Continuously improved a defect reaction guide to address all possible quality issues in each area of the manufacturing process including cut-off and hold procedures as well as proper rework procedures for each type of defect.
  • Managed audits from key customers such as Pepsi, Coke, and Anheuser Busch. Visited suppliers to audit their facilities to insure high levels of housekeeping and manufacturing practices were attained and maintained.


METAL CONTAINTER CORPORATION 10/12/1982 – 10/01/2009

A world-class high speed, automated, pro-employee, aluminum end manufacturing facility producing 28mm ends per day. Plant operated 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.

Held progressively responsible positions with direct responsibilities including the following:

Quality Assurance Manager – same responsibilities as listed above

Engineering Supervisor – A direct report to the plant manager. A salaried employee with two direct reports. Responsible for all plant maintenance, all plant capital projects (including compiling/documenting each project, justfying each project, gaining corporate approval, and managing each project through to completion). Responsible for all Environmental compliance, documentation and reporting.

Production Supervisor – Direct report to the Production Manager. Supervised 30 hourly employees on a production team. Responsible for all safety, quality, production, spoilage, environmental and labor related issues involving the production team.

Maintenance Manager – Direct report to the Engineering Manager. A salaried employee with two direct reports, responsible for all plant maintenance (mechanical and electrical), preventive maintenance, and breakdown / overhaul maintenance of all production and support equipment. Equipment examples include: 125 & 200 ton Minster stamping presses, 90 ton Bruderer stamping presses, rotary liners, conveying equipment, automated bagging equipment, air compressors, vacuum pumps, chiller units, cooling towers, water circulating pumps, ect. Responsible for all Environmental compliance, documentation and reporting.

New plant startup assistance – Assisted the MCC management group with a new end manufacturing plant startup in Oklahoma City, OK for approximately 9 months. Responsible for various electrical projects and mechanical assistance.

Team Leader – Hourly employee responsible for managing a production team of approximately 30 hourly employees. Managed safety, quality, production, labor issues, ect. Direct report to the team Supervisor.

Hourly Team Member – Electrical / electronic technician assigned to a production team of approximately 30 hourly employees. Responsible for all electrical and electronic issues within the manufacturing facility including all electrical power coming into and within the plant, all electrical issues associated with production equipment and plant support equipment.



  • Type 60 words per minute
  • Extensive computer experience including machine PLC’s, desk top and laptop computers, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, SAP, JD Edwards, and multiple specialty software programs.
  • Technical
  • Honest
  • Assist employees in their development for future advancement



Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Management

Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL
Associate of Science Degree, Industrial Electronics Technology

United States Air Force - Military Training, Keesler AFB, Mississippi
Major: Electronic Computer Systems Repairman



United States Air Force - Electronic Computer Systems Repairman

Honorable discharge - rank of Sergeant

Top Secret / Crypto security clearance with extensive background investigation

Honors and awards included:

  • Missile Master Technician Award
  • Certificate of Merit
  • Outstanding Airman, Whiteman Air Force Base

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