Sr. Operations Manager - Candidate WS071316


  • 7 years of experience with Process Improvement
  • 4+ years of Process Improvement at Global Beverage Manufacturer, was promoted
  • Just completed his MBA - on campus program while working full time
  • HAACP Certified
  • Leading Kaizen Teams, has written LEAN SOPs, implemented Engineering Labor Standards and TPM Principals
  • Open to relocation, especially to Phoenix, his wife is currently living in Phoenix
  • Has 2 young children
  • Good communication skills, reserved, methodical



A forward-thinking and accomplished leader. An analytical problem solver who focuses on the overall business structure to assess risk and executive strategies for maximum profit potential. I am an individual who possesses a proven track record in improving KPIs while reducing operational cost.



Budgeting Execution
P&L 100m+
Six Sigma
Navigating Complexity
Lean Manufacturing

Capital Budgeting
Strategic Planning
Cross Functional
Plan, Do, Act, Check
Employee Development
Change Management
Project Proposals

5 Forces
7 Definitions of Waste
Process Improvement
Loss Analysis
Supply Chain Solutions





National Cosmetic Manufacturer. Currently earning $75K plus 5% bonus up to $2K

  • Responsible for Two Fulfillment Centers, and P&L statement
  • Developed and implemented Kanban Pull system with restructure of work flow to eliminate 5FTE saved 165k.
  • Facilitated Kazien Team to reduce rework waste we have reduced waste by .025 reductions of 60k annually.
  • Teach and facilitate LEAN practices, 8 forms of Waste, 5S, TPM, Kanban, JIT, Continuous Improvement.
  • Implemented TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) principles to improve standard of production.
  • Implemented vendor compliance performance metrics.
  • Responsible for forecasting strategies of capacity, growth, and cost.
  • Helped negotiate Logistics Fed-Ex/ UPS Smart post saved a net profit of over 1,000,000 dollars.
  • Created a new picking process that saved 330k annually and reduced 10FTE's.
  • Implemented labor management system (Red Prairie) raised production standards by 5% per dept. reduced incentive by 200k annually.
  • Increased through-put by 15% improved completion time by 1.5 hours with a cost savings of 87k annually.
  • Created standard operating procedures for Inbound, reduced damages from 37% to 5%
  • Created a 6 day shipping process, improved shipping time to customer by 1day.
  • Implemented a Same Day shipping process to maintain competitive advantage against competitors
  • Improved quality by 75 percent with the implementation of a new visual standard.
  • Manage Capital Expenditures Budget( New Facility, Bag Branding, and Boxing)
  • Over time reduction of 277 hours/month by reducing motion waste and people waiting.
  • Created a pairwise analysis to identify vendor effectiveness.
  • Constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders.
  • Track KPI against highest departmental losses.
  • Management Responsibilities
    • 300 hourly in-direct reports. (250 in one location, 50 in a second location)
    • 6 Supervisors in-direct report.
    • 4 Operation Managers direct report.
    • Plan budgets and direct according to goals and business objectives.
    • Define project tasks and resource requirements.

Wants to leave to be with his wife and daughter living in Phoenix, No room for growth after achieving his MBA.



Global Beverage Manufacturer. Was earning $60K

  • Drive consistent revenue growth for approximately $14 million in sales, exceeding revenue growth targets, and building strong relationships with customers in assigned targets.
  • Lead and oversee day-to-day sales, sales operations, logistics, inventory, scheduling, training, and performance management/people development for 12-18 supervisors.
  • Achieve or exceed service standards across all channels.
  • Achieve or exceed Cumulative Points of Distribution targets within district.
  • Lead display execution improvement within district while achieving productivity targets.
  • Lead strong safety culture by utilizing Company safety initiatives to minimize injury, work time loss and productivity loss.
  • Demonstrate strong financial acumen by achieving or exceeding expense targets.
  • Accurately forecast, manage budgets and make data driven action plans.
  • Prioritize projects, data and communication going to frontline.
  • Effectively lead team through company initiatives using change management.
  • Use Predictive staffing to plan and volume forecasts to execute labor needs.
  • Building and executing appropriate development plans for all employees including bench strength.
  • Conduct scheduled interactions with employees to drive sales and capability including Work With, One on
  • Ones and District Meetings.

Left when recruited to National Cosmetic Manufacturer



1st job out of college, was earning $50K, was promoted

  • Implemented Lean standards, 5S, SOP's.
  • Led implementation of 71 Engineered Standards.
  • New International Start-Up for Gatorade Protein Beverage.
  • Improved training of operators increased uptime by 2 hours a shift with a cost savings of 60K annually.
  • Responsible for providing studies, analysis and recommendations on production manpower, productivity and equipment for the purpose of improving safety, quality and cost.
  • Created safety plan in hazardous areas, decreased reported incidents by 50% from previous year savings of 53k.
  • Increased Tetra Pak pump speed, which decreased batch time from 6 hours to 4hours with a cost savings of 1M.
  • Provide a work environment which adheres to compliance/FDA regulatory guidelines
  • Schedule, coordinate and perform a wide variety of testing related to aseptic food/beverage processing.
  • Responsible for forecasting of procurement and materials.
  • Implemented an Autonomous Management system across 3 Gatorade lines which improved the C.I.L.T. (Clean, Inspect, Lubricate, and Tighten) procedures, developed.
  • Improved sanitation process by 2.5 hours generated a savings of $37,800 annually.
  • Process Improvement for training, people, equipment, changeovers, material, etc.
  • Five years of experience with pumps and valves.
  • Ensure vendors / contractors are complying with plant safety, security, and GMP requirements.
  • Support for new system development, installation, engineering, and start-up.
  • During my tenure the aseptic line grew by 200% in daily volume processed.
  • Tracking, analyzing and reporting performance and system gaps and countermeasure. Implementation while partnering with maintenance and production teams to deliver improved results.
  • Improve plant wide maintenance systems to deliver World Class performance.
  • Processed engineering calculations to improve efficiency. Analyzed and improved production parameters for company: Time, speed, cost, motion and method.
  • Lead the planning and implementation of project.
  • Support assistance for controlling on-going repair costs.
  • Leads and supports loss reduction/yield opportunities.

This was his 1st job out of school, he was promoted to Process Improvement Engineer.



  • MBA, Indiana State University, (on campus program while employed full time) 2014 to 2016
  • Bachelor's in Business Administration, North Carolina State University, May 2010
  • FDA Better Process Control School, January 2012



  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • Organize trips and games
  • Recruited sponsors for organizations
  • Coached football and basketball teams
  • Process Improvement Engineer Manager

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