maintenance manager

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, 25 years in Manufacturing
  • Last 3 jobs were successful turn arounds
  • Installs corrective action, integrated process management, run charts, histograms
  • Experienced with Private Equity
  • Thrives on the excitement and satisfaction from growing manufacturing facilities
  • Speaks patiently, sounds slow, but confident, and highly successful




National Baking Company. Earning $145k per year

Completed phase 1 of an organizational growth model, expanded production offerings and improved the organizational product capabilities by increasing sales from 4 million to 12 million in 18 months.

  1. Expanded the product family from RTF to a thaw and sell fully finished products.
  2. Increased the customer base to include major retail food chains that include the number one grocery store chain in the USA.
  3. Developed and implements new product capability to include clean label and organic bread and sweet good items.
  4. Managed the restructuring of the company to increase sales, marketing and operational changes to achieve the 70M plus sales potential.
  5. Work with potential customers to conduct R&D testing and product development to grow the business over the next 3 to 5 years to achieve the long-range plan 70M in sales.
  6. Lead organizational reviews with the PE Board with weekly P&L updates.
  7. Driving changes to improve the performance of the organization by submitting RFI and RFQ to grow the EBITDA and drive the organization to profitability.
  8. Manage and direct all departments to drive responsible and accountable work performance.
  9. Managed and implement new products introduction such as cookies, loaf cakes, angel-food, fully decorated donuts and pastries, clean label products, Vegan, Organic breads in conventional and sugar free varieties.
  10. Work with 3rd party financial entities to restructure the organization debt and seek investors to restructure the company.
  11. Plan and execute the installation of more production lines to achieve a run rate capability of 70 million in sales.

Business was sold, he facilitated the sale


VP - Operations 2014 – 2017

National Baking Company        Improved business - from $30M to $60M in 3 years.

  • Led the activities to prepare the plant to improve margins and efficiency and prepare the company for a sale by the PE group.
  • Provided direction and leadership in the contract and scheduling of the plant shut down, move and start up of the renovated plant in twenty-one days.
  • Delivered the first line operational within 7 days of the move and exceeded 90 percent efficiency.
  • Directed the operations team in the plant startup and achieved a plant wide efficiency of 95% within 60 days of operation.
  • Implemented a plant wide initiative to increase the plant capability by twenty million dollars annually.
  • Opened up one entire shift for new business and increased the efficiency on the top six SKU’s by twenty plus percent with negligible capital expenditures.
  • Coached the operational teams with revising and updating policies and procedures to improve efficiency with a twenty percent growth achievement YTD.
  • Added on boarding to all new hires to improve retention and job satisfaction for plant associates.
  • Established and led weekly meetings to manage R&D, Marketing, Procurement, Shipping and all other plant departments.
  • Worked with the sales and marketing teams to manage the new product execution and trials. Managed a fourteen-million-dollar Brownfield building project, converting 160,000 square feet building into an SQF class A certified food plant with a score of 99.
  • Managed the project cost down from 17 to 14 million dollars. Delivered the project on time and on budget.
  • Worked with the private equity group and board of directors to shut down and transfer all plant equipment into the renovated plant.
  • Managed the total project management activities and work with all aspects of the build out and plant move.
  • Closed, relocated and opened a 160,000 square foot plant and deliver full line capability within 21 days.
  • Improved the order fill process and generated higher margins from reduced changeovers and longer runs.
  • Revamped the plant scheduling process to drive out waste and lost production time.
  • Improved the Maintenance and Operational performance to deliver 95% plus efficiency
  • Implemented a four-year Capital plan with input to the PE group on how to grow the business, and provided a dynamic growth project projection for expanding the production capability
  • Managed the P&L and grew the business ten million dollars in the first year.
  • Implemented a continuous improvement process team.
  • Established a production capability-based scheduling process
  • Converted the plant to a two-shift operation, opening 3rd shift capability for another twenty million dollars in sales growth opportunity
  • Improved the top three non-cookie products by 35% fully decorated cakes, and cookies by 100%- twenty-five million dollars in annual cookie sales.
  • Delivered a SQF score of 97 and 99 in the last two annual audits
  • Provided input to the PE board on next steps on plant improvements and identified margin growth opportunities
  • Implemented operational changes to run through lunches and breaks and between shifts to drive higher yields, higher volume and higher margins.
  • Reduced waste by twenty percent from budget and prior years.
  • Grew the business from forty million to the current run rate of fifty million plus.
  • Established 60 million dollar run rate through CI improvements.
  • Enabled the PE group to sell business for $13 million more than expected.
  • Total profits for the last year of operations of Hill & Valley 18 million dollars.

Business sold took package payout


PLANT MANAGER 2008 – 2014

National Bakeries

Responsible for the Georgia cake plant which includes all manufacturing and operational activities.

  • Managed the BRC\SQF and quality implementation and achieved a score of “A” three years straight. Instructed salary and hourly employee in management skill improvement training.
  • Implemented and executed plans to increase plant capability with capital investments and personnel management.
  • Designed and implemented a new product capability team, which allowed for increased efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Facilitated and led the plant in the Integrated Process Management \Lean projects.
  • Implemented and instructed plant staff in emotional intelligence training.
  • Assumed the responsibilities of the Director of Operations and the Director of Corporate Engineering.
  • Managed the plant talent rewards, promotions and discipline as necessary.
  • Managed the FDA site inspections and internal and external relationship of all 3rd party inspections. Implemented a plant wide incentive plan for all plant personnel based on a weighted KPI measurement assessment.
  • Deconstructed the barriers within the plant to achieve team work and deliver on plant goals.
  • Awarded a sixteen-million-dollar annual account by implementing a plan to produce a new product SKU without any capital investment within two weeks of inquiry.
  • Increased plant throughput on all lines over twenty percent.
  • Increased production from 18 million to 40 million pounds annually, and increased production capacity from 1200 cases per shift to 2500 cases with the same resources.
  • Set record for most cases produced and shipped in thirty-five-year plant history
  • Three years straight provided over one million under approved budget spending - CI improvements.
  • Improved plant standing in the organization from being the lowest profit producer to the highest EBIT generator.
  • Lead the plant safety leadership team with over 1,600,000 hours without an LTA. Employees working 24/7. Directly managed five department managers and responsible for 230 employees



National Bakeries  

  • Performed and coordinated efforts with the production, sanitation, purchasing, budgeting, maintenance, outside services, training, and inventory control departments. Conducted equipment audits and provided management with five-year plan to gain equipment reliably.
  • Converted the plant egg system from totes and pails to a fully automatic ingredient addition system with full CIP controls.
  • Led the IPM-SPC team concept to eliminate road blocks within the plant organization.
  • Implemented the correct use of an existing CMMS system and set up a plant wide preventative maintenance program.
  • Incorporated infrared and vibration analysis equipment to perform predictive maintenance.
  • Lead self-directed teams on planning and initiating changes in the work place.
  • Directed and scheduled outside contractors for plant expansions and upgrades for multiple plants.
  • Supported team associates on trouble shooting abnormal problems to find the root cause and solution.
  • Implemented a maintenance safety training program with a zero LTA record.
  • Changed plant culture and raised expectations to increase production from 25% downtime and 15% waste to 3% waste and 5% downtime.
  • Improved plant productivity from 60% to 95% plus
  • Generated a long-range plan identifying the top issues within the plant and provided corporate with the capital request and have eliminated the following issues.
  • Upgraded process controls system and procedures to drive out waste and inefficiencies. Improved plant safety features to current OSHA standards. Set standards and implemented SOP’s, for plant standardization implementations. Implemented PM’s on key plant support equipment and 100% of plant production equipment. Removed the barrier between production and maintenance employees. Implemented a problem eliminations mind set in place of problem repairs



Global Foods Company

  • Reported to Plant Manager. Performed various assignments of increasing responsibility including: production, packaging, purchasing, budgeting, shutdown planning, maintenance forecasting, vendor evaluation and associations, training, and inventory control.

    • Full management responsibility for all staff members.
    • Established and set up a computerized plant wide DCS computer program.
    • Incorporated infrared and vibration analysis equipment to perform predictive maintenance.
    • Directed work teams on planning and initiating changes in the work place.
    • Lead committees within the plant to bring about improvements within the organization.
    • Directed and scheduled outside contractors and services.
    • Worked with manager’s on trouble shooting abnormal problems to find the root cause and solution
    • Selected and implement MP2 as the plant CMMS system for ConAgra standard CMMS system.


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

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