Turn-Around Plant Manager / COO - Candidate TM080818

plant manager coo

  • Proven Turn-around Executive
  • Highly Experienced, proven Plant Manager / COO
  • 25+ years of experience creating operating budgets, strategic planning and executing CAPEX projects
  • Eliminated $300,000 per year in excess costs by installing an ABB robot
  • Promoted 4 times, had equity position, took a package
  • Speaks confidently, sounds competent and knowledgeable, deep experience across all facets of the business  
  • Homeowner, just he and his wife, kids are out, open to relocation



Operations Management ▪ Organizational Development ▪ Quality & Safety ▪ Brand Development

New Product Development & Launch ▪ General Management ▪ Sales Leadership ▪ P&L Responsibility

Senior food industry executive with over twentyfive years of success in operations, manufacturing management, budgeting and product development. Drives market share growth and brand exposure while maximizing operating margin and net income. Redesigns and streamlines processes to eliminate workplace incidents, enhance efficiency, improve quality and rationalize labor costs. Identifies hidden opportunities and aggressively capitalizes on them, innovating popular, profitable products for new and existing customers.

Serves as a trusted advisor and confidante to C-suite executives, management, staff and customers. Leads and motivates sales forces and distribution channels that drive revenues through the roof. Leads cross-functional teams that handle major projects on time and within budget. Revitalizes underperforming groups and businesses and solves tough problems through collaboration, direct and forthright communications, effective implementations and delivering on promises. Competencies include:    

▪ SQF Certification                                                            ▪ Customer Service

▪ KPI Improvements                                                        ▪ Project Engineering

▪ Regulatory Compliance                                               ▪ R&D & Market Analysis

▪ Production Management                                             ▪ Plant Consolidations & Relocations                       




2017 – PRESENT


Turn-around Manager - Installing automation, upgrading packaging lines, SQF Certifications, etc


Large Industrial Baking Company, NYC
2010 – 2017

Chief Operating Officer    2010 - 2017

Privately-held manufacturer with nine lines producing bread and snack food products.

Earning ~ $200K including bonus and stock

Reports to the CEO. Drives the efficient running of a 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for a 24/7 baking operation with a total of 220 employees and 12 direct reports. Also directs a team of four sales persons and a broker network throughout the U.S. and Canada. Determines growth direction for North America region. Creates operating budgets, handles strategic planning and executes CAPEX. Develops strategies to improve quality, safety and consistency of products. Developed and maintains a safety and quality culture.

  • Started artisan bakery from scratch and grew it into a $7 million business.
  • Saved $90,000 annually by leading a plant reorganization and reducing hi-lo drivers by three to improve workflow and efficiency.
  • Added $5 million in new business by developing new products for private label customers.
  • Captured $4 million per year in new business by developing a new line under a new brand with nationwide distribution.
  • Eliminated $300,000 per year in excess costs by installing an ABB robot that eliminated unnecessary human capital expense.
  • Saved $450,000 annually by installing a new production line which further reduced human capital overhead.
  • Grew sales 50% by assembling and managing a new broker network throughout the US and Canada.
  • Increased total company sales 65% and captured $3 million annually by developing new products, distinctive brand packaging and new product production lines.
  • Grew overall sales 55% through the introduction of an artesian bread line, developing a new snack line and significantly increasing wrap sales.
  • Drove plant SQF certification and achieved a 100% score in year two.
  • Established an inspection ready environment for SQF, FDA, Department of Agriculture, the military and customers.
  • Reduced customer complaints 90% through the introduction of premixed bases at the mixing stations.
  • Saved overall spending 6% by reducing ingredient, packaging and outside contractor spending through a rebidding process.
  • Cut waste 2% through streamlining existing production lines and eliminating choke points.
  • Improved employee moral with the introduction of a policy to promote from within, annual holiday celebrations and an annual Christmas bonus structure for all bakery employees.


2001 – 2016

GLOBAL Foods Company

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, handled 24/7 operation of a 240,000 sq. ft. production facility with 250 associates and a team of nine direct reports. Drove company growth, leading teams in customer service, production, maintenance, engineering, QC, purchasing, planning, accounting and acquisitions. Determined overall direction of the plant with focus on organic growth, brand development and future acquisitions. Sold products to Sysco

  • Increased sales $23 million by relocating a $18 million operation with four lines from Detroit to the Bronx on time, within budget and without disruption to the business, then hiring and training a top-notch team to run the lines.
  • Saved $140,000 per shift for a total of $420,000 annually and eliminated repetitive injuries by purchasing and installing two robots to palletize boxes, eliminating two people per shift per robot.
  • Created an $8 million business by developing crackers which were sold in retail and club stores.
  • Added six million dollars of business by converted an existing line and starting a new line to make two types of chips.
  • Led plant through 425% growth increase.

An investment group bought at $14M sold at $17M, he had equity, took the package.


PLANT MANAGER 1997 – 2001

Global Foods Company

  • Captured $2 million sales in one year by developing a line for an Atkins diet-friendly product.
  • Developed a fruity flavored product that sold $1.75 million in the first year.
  • Attained AIB certification.
  • Reduced electricity costs 25% by installing a cogeneration plant while providing an independent power source.


1990 – 1997

Foods Company

  • Saved $240,000 annually by reduced the number of mechanics by five through retraining, additional automation and the development of an extensive preventative maintenance program.
  • Reduced labor costs $270,000 and avoided potential injuries and claims by installing robotics to stack finished product.
  • Added $5 million of additional business by moving two production lines to the US.
  • Increased capacity 25% by installing a new Haas oven.



Bachelor of Science - Manufacturing Engineering


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