Warehouse Project Manager - Candidate CO 100617


Warehouse project manager

  • 8 years experience managing associates, as many as 170 front line and 15 supervisors
  • 8 years with SAP - ERP in both IM (inventory managed) WM (Warehouse Managed) SAP
  • Managing 600 SKUs, Receiving 50 loads a day, sending out 90 loads - DSD
  • Bachelor of Science, Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Communication, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Strong leadership skills in both blue and white collar roles
  • Graduated from Management Development Program
  • Works with inventory and route planning everyday
  • 7 progressive roles in 8 years in warehousing, supply chain, procurement and logistics
  • Wife and 1 year old daughter, currently renting, easy relo


Logistics Coordination Crisis Management Strong Communicator
Self-Directed Project Management Data Analysis
Initiative Implementation Budget Management Builds Collaboration
Warehouse Operations Strategic Planning Continuous Improvement




Global Beverage Manufacturer Earning $115k plus bonus.

Manage all aspects of first automated picking facility including daily structure overview, cost savings, schedule, construction oversight, change management, safety and environmental impacts, and all project goals. Manage the capital and expense budget for the $50MM+ project to ensure the entire scope is completed in a profitable, timely and efficient manner.

  • Daily reporting to corporate executive leaders in supply chain, detailing progress on key milestone dates, daily case input and output from the automation structure.
  • Oversee the automated picking operation, comprised of 140 bot lift entities, and a team of 40 associates. Daily load out of 40k cases across nearly 600 SKU's, while simultaneously inducting 30k cases per day on three automated inbound cells.
  • Plan the loading and gate times for our double bottom facility, which distributes 11MM cases annually, and our local facility which distributes 8MM cases annually.
  • Coordinate daily inventory levels for both the automated structure and our existing manual pick area, 600k cases combined.
  • Work with our automation team to increase ramp-up capacity and capabilities in order to take on additional picking volume from double-bottom facility.
  • Lead the daily automation meeting with engineers and maintenance leads to discuss the previous day's throughput and the current integrity of the system.
  • Coordinate with procurement in developing contractor plan, including engineering and execution resources.
  • Develop the operation team's start-up manuals, safety and emergency response procedures, and additional training materials.



Global Beverage Manufacturer

Led a team of 10 warehouse supervisors (including two inventory supervisors) and 70 collectively bargained frontline associates in the planning, building, and execution of 20MM direct-store-delivery cases annually (75 DSD routes on average per day).

  • Responsible for coordinating the transition of labor that supports both the automation ramp-up (50k cases daily) as well as the current manual pick process (35k cases daily).
  • Increased throughput 18% vs. prior year by optimizing the picking layout and developing a more structured replenishment program. These improvements led to a labor savings of $74k in 2015 and $88k in 2016.
  • Reduced mispick occurrences 40% vs. prior year by focusing on wasted indirect hours and having daily conversations with the frontline to drive picking accuracy improvement.
  • Reduced warehouse damaged cases 25% vs. prior year by instituting case damage tracker per shift and driving employee engagement for a net annual savings of $40k.
  • Daily use of SAP enterprise resource planning for the warehouse operation. Specifically, utilizing truck manager to track, schedule, and rank frontline performance throughout the manual picking operation.
  • Plan transportation logistics which are responsible for receiving 60k-80k cases daily from both internal fleet and third party carriers (3PL).



Global Beverage Manufacturer

Led a team of eight cross-functional employees within the inventory, transportation, warehouse and route settlement departments, with daily tasks of inventory reconciliation of 375k+ cases, processing an average of 100 truckloads weekly, and currency receipts of 400k+ dollars. Oversee all finance/budgeting aspects of the DC with sales of 11MM cases and an operating income of $2.8MM.

  • Inventory Manager for Warehouse Management System implementation. Converted a 375k+ case facility into a system that optimizes Intelligent Pallet Labeling (IPL) to speed up stock put-aways and track bin utilization. Implemented an inventory checklist that outlined daily inventory functions and responsibilities for future roll-outs.
  • Extensive SAP inventory knowledge to confirm the completion of the daily inventory checklist items.
  • Create annual budget, track monthly EBITDA, and document all facility expenditures. Work with facility leadership to strategically allocate segmented budgets while still aligning with the company's centralized strategies and goals.



Production Manager for the 4th largest production center in the CCR system. Direct reports included four supervisors who oversaw 170 frontline associates in the production of 40MM cases annually.

  • Increased production output capabilities by an average of 10k cases per day, while reducing overtime from 17%-9% year-over-year.
  • Streamlined a preventative maintenance program which increased capabilities; bringing average monthly production up from 2.8MM to 3MMcases.
  • Achieved new facility record of 4.2MM cases produced during the month of March 2013.



Global Beverage Manufacturer

Led a team of 6 supervisors and 80 employees in the creation and loading of all DSD deliveries. This included the pick-building operation for the Phoenix facility of up to 150k cases per day and approximately 30MM cases annually.

  • Successful implementation of best practices led to a service level of 83.1% On-Time & In-Full-the highest for any combo-facility in the CCR system.
  • Provide coaching within the Career Enrichment Opportunity (CEO program)-a career development program that is aimed at increasing hard skills of frontline associates such as interviewing, resume writing, and career path orientation.



Global Beverage Manufacturer

  • Directed 8 employees ensuring the continuous flow of production for 2 of our water lines that ranged from 10,000 - 20,000 cases produced daily.
  • Directed 8 skilled employees in the daily production on both lines; which ran at a 92% efficiency on average.
  • Created a database that tracked all preventative maintenance and machine changeovers for the facility. Enabled the opportunity to track, communicate, and educate maintenance staff on their effectiveness. This led to a reduction in all changeover times by 50%, allowing the facility to have a more aggressive run strategy and less days' supply on hand.
  • Led a project that instituted a new touch-screen system allowing for the syrup blending process to become more automated. This resulted in reducing the time needed to perform a flavor changeover from an average of 1.5 hours to 20 minutes.



  • Bachelor of Science, Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Communication, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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