Warehouse Manager - Candidate RG111916


  • Promoted 5 times - A creative person
  • Developed new processes & procedures increasing efficiency from 85% to 95%
  • Reduced inventory loss to less than 1%
  • Reduced OOS and increased OTIF service to 98.9%
  • Developed a Staff Scheduling Tool adopted by entire Company
  • 24 years of experience in distribution, manufacturing and bottling
  • Sounds pleasant and efficient on the telephone. Takes pride in his team building skills
  • He does not have a family and is currently renting, looking forward to relocation



Extremely dedicated operations and transportation manager with extensive hands-on experience in both union and non-union environments, as well as multi-site warehousing, and global vendor and customer management. Significant achievements in a turn-around situation, boosting productivity, integrating new products and technologies, process improvements, process and product quality, and developing talent and bench strength.




  • Proven track record of instructing, directing, motivating and coordinating personnel to improve employee morale and increase operating efficiency.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop policies and procedures to increase revenues and profit, improve quality, enhance customer service and reduce costs.
  • Strong technical and troubleshooting skills with extensive managerial experience in warehouse management and domestic and international transportation.





Earning $85K.

Responsible for multiple site warehouses with 45 direct reports including supervisors, production, printing, shipping and receiving, material handlers, and drivers. Creating and updating processes, KPI’s and safety for both locations.

  • Accountable for the daily operations of 2 – 200,000 sq. ft. warehouses in New Jersey and Maryland with an annual operating budget of $50M.
  • Full P&L accountability to insure profitability and to meet and exceed budget goals, as well as customer expectations.
  • Maintain KPI’s of 99.5% minimum standards for Inventory Control, Cost Control below 8% of budget, On-Time delivery, Dock to Stock and Safety.
  • Maintain a $14.5M inventory including daily cycle counts, cycle count resolution and Physical Inventories.
  • Manage Continuous Improvement by applying 5S, Lean and Kaizen Principles.
  • Perform HR functions including hiring, training, retention, and management of direct reports and associates with responsibilities in operations, distribution, planning, inventory, forecasting, information systems, and reverse logistics.
  • Utilization of all modes of transportation for domestic and international shipping including truckload, LTL, contract carrier, warehouse drivers, rail, and containers and complying with all DOT regulations.
  • Direct a daily operation that includes receiving, warehousing, inventory management, labor, production, order management, customer service, and shipping.
  • Safety Committee Chairman and adhere to OSHA compliance and training.

Happy working here but company is reducing labor and closing warehouses. Being proactive - company seem unstable.



Earning $72K. Company was downsizing.

Responsible for 250 direct reports (2 managers, 8 supervisors and 230 employees), which includes shipping, transportation, inbound, replenishment, planning, inventory as well as drivers. Was the point of contact and facilitator of the safety committee for both state locations, and I am also a certified forklift trainer. I am part of the Mobile Training Team which trains, coaches and mentors both managers and supervisors to ensure they are given the proper tools and knowledge to succeed and develop within the company.

  • Project Manager for implementation and training of E.I.M (Enhanced Inventory Management) into both State facilities.
  • Developed and implemented a Staff Scheduling Tool which helped to eliminate the need for overtime as well as productivity and is currently being rolled out across the entire country.
  • Ability to identify and select best service provider, negotiate rates and below market rate contracts.
  • Project lead for training and slotting of the warehouse to help start up our Voice Pick program, which helped increase productivity and reduced miss-picks and out of stocks.
  • Created a system to maintain records of both training and equipment to ensure that all needed training is completed to both employees and supervisors, as well as making sure that equipment is tracked properly when in use and maintained in working order.
  • Developed a program for route riding with employees to help mentor and coach employees to ensure peak performance and goals, which helped to increase our efficiency from 85% to 95%.
  • Also created a Gemba form for supervisors and managers to use to help reduce our BD&L in the warehouse.
  • Developed a process for our driver check in program which helped to reduce our damage and waste which helped to reduce our inventory loss to less than 1%.
  • Coordinated cross-functional activities including production, replenishing, trimming, shipping and inspection, increasing efficiency, reducing our OOS and increasing our OTIF service to 98.9%.
  • Implemented training and coaching schedules for new employees both hourly and the supervisor team.
  • Established policies and procedures and set up goals and a communication board to communicate KPI’s. Conducted both daily and weekly meetings with all employees to improve communication, and build a team-spirited environment.



Earning 85K. Promoted 5 times. Company was sold.


PACKAGING 1992 - 1993

Responsible for 125 direct reports (5 supervisors, 120 employees), which included shipping, receiving, packaging, inventory control, procurement, transportation, as well as production and planning departments. I was accountable for all inventory levels in the warehouse for raw materials and finished goods ensuring best practices were followed. Interacted with both customers, as well as vendors and negotiated with trucking companies to establish rates and delivery timetables, as well as contractors and vendors for warehouse projects. Redesigned the warehouse layout and racking system to increase our capacity and material handling ability as well as drive productivity.

  • Developed an efficient and cohesive warehouse team consisting of 125 direct reports (5 supervisors, 120 employees) by increasing employee morale and improving communications by mentoring and training supervisors as well as employees to ensure all personnel obtained the expertise required to achieve company goals.
  • Reduced labor cost by 20% while increasing productivity by leading team in redesigning warehouse to integrate and cross train inventory control, shipping, receiving and replenishment.
  • Broad experience in all methods of transportation both domestic and international.
  • Knowledge of utilizing brokers, carriers and other service to move domestic and international goods.
  • Knowledge of import/export regulations for North American, European and Asian markets.
  • Maintain and monitoring of the Shortage Desk, Quality Control Lab and Maintenance.
  • Coordinated cross-functional activities including production, trimming, shipping and inspection, increasing efficiency and reduced overtime by 95 percent.
  • Implemented training and coaching schedules for new employees.
  • Increased on-time delivery by revising delivery schedules and shipping procedures to 99 percent accuracy.
  • Established policies and procedures.
  • Restructured plant layout and instituted preventive maintenance program dramatically improving production efficiency by 97 percent.
  • Actively involved employees in development of new Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Instrumental in establishing and maintaining stocking levels of both raw material and finished goods.
  • Reduced scrap material and redirected use of surplus materials by reorganizing inventory and implementing inventory control techniques which eliminated waste by 95 percent.
  • Held full planning, operating, and P&L responsibility.

PASTE UP ARTIST 1990 - 1992

First job.

  • Responsible for taking artwork and correctly placing it on the paperwork
  • Made sure that the artwork is straight and neat
  • Operated camera and photographed artwork to be cataloged and transposed onto proper location.
  • Proofread all the ads and artwork making sure they were correct.



  • Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) Training
  • DOT, IATA and IMDG training
  • Hazardous Material Certification
  • Forklift Certification and Certified Trainer
  • SAP, Print Stream, Epicor and Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word proficient
  • Experience with WMS and RF scanning
  • Safety Champion for both New Jersey facilities within the market unit
  • Developed a Staff Scheduling used across entire Company
  • High School Diploma

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